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Most of the products of polycarbonate sheet available in the domestic market under different brands & trade names are duly procured/imported from China.


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  1. Green House & Garden House
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Polycarbonate Dome & Pyramid

Polycarbonate Dome

Polycarbonate Dome
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To bring nature in different colours and making environment pleasant right into residential, commercial and industrial hubs, we make Domes/Pyramids, Polycarbonate Dome Cover and Polycarbonate Dome Roof in different shapes, sizes and for the different purpose. These are Polycarbonate Dome Cover and Polycarbonate Dome Roof also made keeping in mind the architectural and engineering requirement of the building/structure.

Overall Size Opening Size Flange Height Flange Width Overall Dome Height
550 x 550 450 x 450 30 50 205
610 x 610 560 x 560 25 25 145
690 x 690 560 x 560 25 65 145
760 x 760 590 x 590 50 70 250
1085x1085 900 x 900 50 80 330
1350 x 1350 1190 x 1190 50 70 375

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Polycarbonate Pyramid

Polycarbonate Pyramid
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For the unique view of the Building roof and transmission of better natural sun/moon light we produce DUROTUFFTM Pyramid in different shape and pattern of the inner roof view. These are also made keeping in mind the architectural and engineering requirement of the building/structure. Because of high strength durable quality long life, these are become most reliable and the prime choice of the builders, engineers and architectures.

DUROTUFFTM DOMES/PYRAMID are made out from best quality Polycarbonate material and contains

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