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Most of the products of polycarbonate sheet available in the domestic market under different brands & trade names are duly procured/imported from China.


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Onduvilla Roofing Tiles

Onduline Roofing Tiles
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Owing to the wide experience of this domain, we are instrumental in offering Onduvilla Roofing Tiles. Onduvilla corrugated tiles are designed to give roofs a pleasant look reminiscent of traditional clay tiles, while at the same time being extremely light. Onduvilla tiles have a unique colorings system, wherein each tile is different from others thereby resulting in a natural texture. Available in seven different colors.

Length 1070mm
Width 400mm
Thickness 3mm
Width of Corrugation 97.3mm
Surface Area 0.43 m²
Weight/ M² (Shaded) 3kg
Weight/ M² (3d) 3.2 kg


Onduline Tiles Accessories

STANDARD RIDGE Standard Ridge Flexible double wings accomodate a wide range of roof angles. 1000mm x 420mm
SLIM CAP Slim Cap Cap for ridge and hips 1060mm x 175mm
CLOSURE CAP Closure Cap Designed for the finishing of ridge and hip lines. 1060mm x 175mm
VERGE PIECE Verge Piece Designed to provide a neat aesthetics at the edge of the roof. 1000mm x 405mm
VALLEY Valley Used to collect rainwater flowing into the valley. 2000mm x 430mm
APRON PIECE Apron Piece Designed to provide water tightness and ventilation to the ridge line for roofs with a pitch upto 50°. Can also be used to seal the gap between Onduvilla and vertical wall abutment. 1020mm x 140mm
CLEAR TILE Clear Tile Transparent tile designed to bring natural light into the living space. 496mm x 400mm
SPEEDY SCREW Speedy Screw Self drilling screw for fastening of roof tile to steel/wood. 65 (+3) mm
RAIN WATER GUTTER Rain Water Gutter Troughs that collect rain running off a roof and channel it, with proper slopes, to downspouts that carry the rainwater to the ground and away from your siding, windows, doors and foundation. 3000mmx2700mm

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  1. Technical Data Sheet - Onduvilla (Painted)
  2. Technical Data Sheet - Onduvilla (Pigmented)
  3. Technical Data Sheet - Clear Tile
  4. Technical Data Sheet - Onduvilla Ridge
  5. Onduvilla® Brochure
  6. Maintenance Instructions
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