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Most of the products of polycarbonate sheet available in the domestic market under different brands & trade names are duly procured/imported from China.


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  2. Commercial, Residential & Other Construction
  3. Industrial Construction
  4. Public Infrastructure
  5. Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y)
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Company Profile

About the Company
Power Chem Plast Ltd an ISO 9001-2008 Company is in the line of chemical business since last 25 years and has gained leading name in the line. Marketing experience has strengthened our belief that quality products add value and useful application knowledge. After establishing its name in the field of chemical business, with the aim to do something different, the Company entered into the business of polycarbonate sheets. Taking into consideration the demand of "quality” polycarbonate sheet in Industrial, commercial and domestic field as well, the promoters/management of the Company decided to introduce a “quality product” of polycarbonate sheets of its own. Thus the Company set up- state of the art manufacturing plant to make Polycarbonate Solid Sheet through the co-extrusion process and produce an indigenous product with international standard in Baddi (an Industrial Estate of H.P.). With their hard work and dedication towards business reputation, the promoters of the Company succeed to produce an unmatchable and trustworthy quality of polycarbonate sheet and introduced the same in the market under the registered brand name “DUROTUFFTM.”. One can depend upon it.

“Only SKY’ is not the limit of the Company, the Company targets “above sky”.

WHAT IS DUROTUFFTM Polycarbonate Sheet?
Polycarbonate sheet is a versatile, tough material and in the changing environmental, technical, mechanical, commercial and domestic scenario polycarbonate sheet is being used for a variety of applications. The main advantage of polycarbonate over other type of plastic, glass and other material is unbeatable strength combined with lightweight and easy handling.

answer for all common questions
about Polycarbonate sheet is “DUROTUFFTM

DUROTUFFTM Polycarbonate sheet is an excellent roofing material with an impressive set of physical properties manufactured from a high quality virgin polymer and is extruded to give a glass like smooth finish on either side. DUROTUFFTM polycarbonate sheet is extremely safe in areas and is unbreakable. With excellent mechanical and optical properties, DUROTUFFTM polycarbonate sheet is a tough, transparent thermoplastic and stable in dimensions. DUROTUFFTM polycarbonate sheet is favoured by professionals for non corrosive industrial structural roofing and siding, and by home owners for a multitude of DIY applications due to its high impact strength and wide service range of temperatures from –20 Deg. C to 140 Deg. C. Its highest impact resistance transparency is having outstanding thermal stability, stain resistance and non-toxic with low water absorption. DUROTUFFTM Polycarbonate sheet optically clears, providing total luminous transmittance/lighting and a very low haze factor. Together with its high light transmission, DUROTUFF’sTm unlimited range of profiles allows it to integrate into any roofing profile, making it an ideal in plane roof light material. DUROTUFFTM polycarbonate sheet is available in a wide range of colors.


What is the advantage of DUROTUFF
Impact resistant

Weather and UV resistant
Wide service temperature range
UV screening
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals light weight
Good flammability rating

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